About Us

Surrey Jitsu is just as unique as its members. Incorporating students from the nearby University of Surrey and residents from Guildford and the surrounding areas into one amazing family. 

Sensei Sam

I'm Sam, one of the club instructors at Surrey Jitsu Club. I'll be the one showing you what to do and convincing you your training partner really deserves that punch in the face!

Sensei Kieran

Hi! I'm Sensei Kieran, the newest addition to the Sensei Squad. I started Jitsu right here at Surrey three and a half years ago, and got my brown belt just before Christmas 2018! You can generally find me floating around on the mat telling people to move their feet, so come and say hi, I won't hurt you .....too much


Sensei Ivor

Hi! I'm Sensei Ivor. I've been doing Jitsu since I was at university myself. I look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions soon! I no longer teach here permanently but pop along every now and again to say hi.



Town club

Yvonne- Secretary

Hi, I'm Yvonne. I'm the secretary so I'll handle memberships, licences and other things. And I hope to see you at the club


town club

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Committee for 


Ailish - Chair

I joined Jitsu because I wanted to learn how to defend myself - and the community was so welcoming!


Natalie - Town Club Rep

Hi! I'm Natalie. Before I joined the club I believed myself to be someone who would never be any good at a martial art, but Jitsu definitely changed all that!

The club itself is incredibly friendly and being a part of it has improved my fitness and confidence in many ways. I recommend anyone and everyone to try Jiu Jitsu and I look forward to meeting you on the mat.

Your Town CLub 


Carol - Town Club Rep

Hey! I’m Carol, I’ve been doing Jitsu since 2014 and have been on the committee nearly as long. Any questions about Surrey Jitsu, come find me, I’ll likely be on the mat throwing some people around, pretending to be John Wick.


Cameron - Secretary

I came to the taster session of Jitsu to try something new, and I instantly fell in love with it and how friendly everyone was!


Keiran -Treasurer

I joined Jiu Jitsu because I wanted to become fitter in a fun way and the community was very welcoming.