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Click on the pictures, titles and buttons for more information about the organisations Surrey Jitsu is supported by and involved in.  External links open in a new window.

Surrey Jitsu part of The Jitsu Foundation
The Jitsu Foundation (TJF)


The University of Surrey Jitsu Club is part of The Jitsu Foundation and you can find out a lot more about jitsu on the TJF website.


TJF acknowledges the history and practice of traditional martial arts, but places them in a modern setting for a modern, changing society.


We pride ourselves on the Foundation being a friendly and inspiring place to train in martial arts and for having a very strong social scene at every level: club, regional and country.


Everyone who trains with us is part of The Jitsu Foundation, It is made up of and run by training members and instructors, lead by the Tertiary Board. If you are a new member, welcome!

Surrey Jitsu recognised by British Ju-Jitsu Association
British Ju-Jitsu Association


This Governing Body oversees all aspects of Ju-Jitsu in Great Britain, this ensures standards of safety and quality are maintained throughout.

Surrey Jitsu part of the University of Surrey Students' Union
University of Surrey Students' Union


Surrey Jitsu is also proud to be a sports club at the Students' Union of the University of Surrey, where we receive much support and assistance.

University of Surrey

Surrey Jitsu trains at Surrey Sports Park
Surrey Sports Park (SSP)


We are fortunate to have the use of excellent facilities: Surrey Jitsu trains at SSP on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  SSP is a new, multi-million pound sports centre at the Manor Park campus.  Conveniently positioned in Guildford with direct routes to London, the Sports Park was used by athletes from almost 20 nations in preparation for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.


Professional teams in several sports also call SSP their home including Harlequins Rugby UnionSurrey Storm Netball and Surrey United Basketballand regular matches at the venue are very popular.

Surrey Jitsu part of Team Surrey at the University of Surrey
Team Surrey


Team Surrey is the sports brand of the University of Surrey and represents a partnership between Surrey Sports Park and the University of Surrey Students' Union.  For more information about Surrey Jitsu, Team Surrey or other sports related matters, please email James, the Union Vice President of Sports and Recreation at


Team Surrey is also on Facebook.

Surrey Jitsu on Facebook
Surrey Jitsu on Facebook


Surrey Jitsu is an open group on Facebook.  You can see what's going on, details of our social events, changes to training times and send us a message if you have questions.

Surrey Jitsu on Twitter
Surrey Jitsu on Twitter


Stay current with Surrey Jitsu news and updates on Twitter.

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