Surrey Jitsu goes international

August 29, 2013

For the second year, Surrey Jitsu took part in the week-long German Nationals, the Bundesseminar, (BuSem) in August 2013.


Everyone who went agrees it was a great experience, both from the Jitsu and the social side of things!  We learned a lot, saw how it can be done differently and made friends in the process.  There was German beer, ice cream and silly games and generally a lot of laughing.


Chris taught two sessions and is already planning his slots for next year's BuSem.  Ell participated in a grading in German Ju Jutsu and was awarded her yellow belt!  The language "barrier" really isn't a barrier as many people come from all over Europe to participate and the German guys and girls are very friendly and eager to help.  


Check out the photos of our demo by the lake and do let us know if you want to come along next year through our courses form (click for link)!  BuSem 2014 is 10th-16th August in Thüringen.

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