German Jitsuka to Surrey

June 1, 2013

Shortly after Easter 2013 a group of Jitsuka visited us from Frankfurt am Main for a week of Jitsu with some sightseeing thrown in!


Whilst working in Germany for a year, one of our club members joined the local Jitsu clubs, made some great friends and exchanged ideas and skills.Upon returning to England we organised and hosted a visit during which several English and German instructors taught some of their favourite techniques.  At the time, our instructor Chris had his foot in a plaster cast so his teaching was filled with sitting-down-Jitsu! The technique in this photo shows one way of dealing with unwanted harrasment on public transport, such as someone stroking your leg whilst seated on the bus.



Everybody had a great time and we're looking forward to the Brits' exchange trip to Frankfurt!


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