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What our members think...

​“This club WAS my University experience.  I've made friends for life, gained a great deal of confidence, become fitter and enjoyed some of the best and most challenging experiences to be had.  As part of one the largest and most successful clubs on the campus you can enjoy top class instruction, excellent facilities and trips to regional and national events meeting, along the way, hundreds of other like-minded people and instructors, all of whom are awesome!  Jitsu is great fun and, in my opinion, the best martial art out there and if you're looking to kick-start the pursuit of a lifetime then you've found the right place to start.
Matt T, Green belt
The club has always had a lively and welcoming atmosphere; whether you've been practicing for years or are just starting, its a great place to train and make new friends.”

Ben S, Light Blue belt

"I was in two minds whether or not to join the Jitsu club, with concerns over a lack of time affecting my academic studies.  One year later I can safely say joining was the best decision I made all year.
It opened a social life to me outside that of my course, gave me confidence in myself and worked better than any gym."
Luke T, Yellow belt​

Surrey Jitsu

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